Angel Street Soccer Complex (150 South Angel Street) - Five soccer fields, two
playgrounds, one large bowery, seven small boweries

Barnes Park (950 West 200 North) - Two large and many small boweries, large
playground, rest rooms, sand volleyball courts, softball fields, barbecue grills

City Park (44 North Main) - Large bowery, horseshoe pit, rest rooms

DATC Park (550 South Main) - Baseball/soccer fields

Gailey Park (200 South 300 West) - Covered picnic areas, large playground, baseball/soccer fields, rest rooms

Heritage Park (150 N. Fairfield Rd.) - Walking Path, open area,

Hess Farms Park (1625 South 550 East) - Bowery, small playgrounds, small soccer field

Hods Hollow Park (400 East 700 North) - small playground

Mountain Park (800 North 1400 East) - Vita exercise course and nature trails

Ponds Park (950 South 50 West) - Bowery, small playground, baseball/soccer fields, rest rooms

Ponds Park South (1000 South 50 West) - Baseball/soccer fields

Bishop's Field (349 N. 200 W.) - Soccer fields

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